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What Is Shisha ?

IMG_1579 (Small)Shisha is a blend of fruit, molasses and tobacco leaves. There is no tar in our hookah tobacco, which is why the smoke does not linger or stick to your clothes.

The nicotine content in our tobacco is very low- .05%. The smoke produced is very light and pleasant, and comes in over 30 flavors. We carry Al Fakher Tobacco (pronounced al-fa-her) from Dubai, the finest in the world. Stop in for a demonstration!

What Is Hookah ?

Hookah, also known as arghila, is a Middle Eastern tradition that dates back hundreds of years. Hookah is a water pipe in which flavored tobacco or “shisha” is smoked from. The shisha, which is composed of fruit, molasses and tobacco leaves is heated indirectly by hot coals. To operate the hookah, one simply inhales through the hose.

IMG_1630 (Small)Air is pulled through the charcoal and into the head where the tobacco is held. The hot air from the charcoal vaporizes (not burns) the tobacco, which produces smoke. This smoke is pulled through the long metal pipe in the center of the hookah and into the glass basin. As the smoke bubbles up through the iced water, it loses heat and fills the top part of the basin where the hose is attached. The smoke is then passed through the hose and into the operator. One hookah session can last from 40-60 minutes depending on the number of smokers. Mouth pieces are given to each individual so that one hookah can be shared with 3-4 people. Shisha has 0 percent tar, and .05 percent nicotine.

IMG_1931 (Small)You must be 18 years of age or older to enter Babalu Hookah Lounge. We offer a fun and relaxing experience as you socialize with friends, or make new ones that you will meet while smoking. Please feel free to visit us to take a look for yourself, or to satisfy your curiosity.

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